5 Minute Stream of WHAT THE

On January 4, 2013

Well. What can I say. Welcome to my brain.

Pretend this is a brain


  Tonight I thought this:  

As sometimes happens on twitter, the time between thinking and tweeting was maybe indistinguishable.

Then I thought, “I want to know what that would look like.”

Turns out someone else did too. Wavin’ at you JC.

So I did it.

Here is my less than (or close to, cause I didn’t exactly time it) 5 minute stream of consciousness.

Watch out. My brain can get bumpy.


So there was this one time. Oh Taylor Swift filmed a video up the street from my in laws. Yeah in laws. Good thing I’m not a lawyer that seems hard like really hard tennis balls I miss playing tennis. stop barking dog you are really loud ouch hurt my ears my ear hurts is there something in my ear that shouldnt be there you know like at night cause studies say things crawl in your ears and nose at night ew nose and boogers and brain hatching spiders and oh man I have a headache wait did I just think myself into a headache from brain hatching spiders. no i had one already i always have a headache there is this thing in my oh shoot I’m really distracted now what was I thinking. Oh yeah. Taylor swift. No wait, thats not what I wanted to say I can’t remember now oh shoot this blanket is covered in my dog’s hair darn it I wish she didn’t shed good grief it’s dark outside all of a sudden man I look tired what the what is that? oh just my reflection in the window. maybe should turn on some lights. No but what was I going to say at the beginning of this? Oh yeah there was this one time I said I should tell yall everything that happened in my brain for five minutes straight it would explain cupcakes man I’m hungry I wish I could eat a cupcake but I can’t until I finish [redacted]. So many people say [redacted] I think it’s funny that I just used the word redacted in a stream of consciousness so much to the point that my consciousness didnt even ever have to think the word that I was redacting. I’ve completely forgotten what I was doing again but I know I would really like to eat a cupcake. Five minutes? OH YEAH. NOW I REMEMBER.



Good weird, tho. Like that time I wore an afro wig and made my family think I killed my long hair.

I’ll probably do it again.



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